After Pandemic Here Comes Recognition of Ukrainian Autocephaly

Originally appeared at: Orthodox Times

Editor's Note:  Citing mysterious sources and talking about unnamed patriarchates, the Orthodox Times sees no problem in explaining (and rejoicing in) the dark ecumenical agenda of the Patriarchate of Constantinople. Whether bluffing to cause a sense of defeat in the Orthodox faithful who did not join the schism, or just rumors based on the expectation of their backers, the news agency follows as one of the leading exponents of the Pan-heresy of ecumenism on the internet. Below, their text - ipsis literis.

"Things are moving so rapidly regarding the issue of the acceptance of Metropolitan Epiphaniy of Kyiv as a primate and the recognition of the autocephaly of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine by other sister Orthodox Churches.

I am informed that two more Patriarchates will soon recognize the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. The process was delayed due to the pandemic and all the disturbance that the coronavirus brought to the planet. Not everyone will be happy, I guess, with such a development.

It is possible that there will be new frictions between the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the Patriarchate of Moscow. But there is no other choice.

The Ecumenical Patriarch wants this issue to be well under way and step by step all the Churches to recognize the Orthodox Church of Ukraine as an equal member in the great Orthodox family."

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