Very Popular Priest Explains Russian Church's Zero-Tolerance on Abortion (Video, Smirnov)

Murder cannot be 'reversed' 

As we've mentioned before, Fr. Dmitry Smirnov is a very popular Russian priest, dedicated activist in the Russian fight against abortion. He is an influential supporter of large families, homeschooling, and, simply put, traditional family values. He has a huge media presence, regularly appears on television, and has numerous subscribers and fans in Russia and in other countries. 

He is prized by many for his unapologetic refusal to sugarcoat anything. When asked about the possibility of redeeming the sin of abortion, his answer is very clear. 

Forgiveness is something God can grant, of course, but a person cannot reverse an action that has destroyed human life. Thus, in a human understanding, 'redeeming' the sin with actions is impossible... there is no price for human life.  


 Is there any way to redeem the sin of abortion? There is no way. Because human life is invaluable.

The bank robbery can be redeemed by paying out the stolen money, the offence caused to someone can be redeemed by bringing excuses, giving presents or buying something the person dreams of for a long time, but didn’t have a chance to buy.

But in case of abortion, there is no way to do that. Abortion is taking away person`s life.

That’s why it is impossible to redeem that sin. There is only hope for the grace of God, so that God would forgive a person, who should pray the whole life with devotion to good actions.

To comfort the conscience, you can, for example, adopt an ill orphan and devote your life to him. So that a child wouldn’t just barely survive in a foster home but live in the family, feel the family care, this can be a considerable achievement.

Redeeming the sin of abortion is still not possible, but proving to God your sincere repentance is possible.

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