Do You Want to Fight Against Baby Killing? Fight with All Your Might Against Pornography

Originally appeared at: Orthodox Reflections

We have to be honest about where we are concerning abortion and the fight to save unborn life. Overturning Roe in the United States was a great step forward for life, but not the step many people believed it was. Roe’s overturn did not outlaw abortion, but merely restored abortion to the political process. There the new fight begins. Well, at least in those states in which activist state courts have not found a Roe-like “right” to abortion hiding in their state constitutions. That was the real issue in Kanas, which recently held a vote on an amendment to get around a court ruling that the Kansas state constitution provides a “right” to abortion. The amendment failed, leaving the court ruling in place:

“Had the amendment passed, it would have offered the GOP-controlled state legislature a path to restricting or banning abortion, continuing a pattern seen in other conservative areas of the country. Kansas law currently allows most abortions to take place up to 22 weeks in a pregnancy.

There is much work to do in Kansas and in many other states to overcome pro-abortion state courts. There is much work to be done in many states to get laws banning, or at least significantly restricting, abortion through legislatures. After decades of pro-abortion propaganda, many voters in even the reddest states won’t necessarily be of much help in protecting life. At the U.S. federal level, there will an ongoing battle of executive orders and Democratic legislation to “protect” the right to unfettered baby killing. In many blue states, and our neighbor Canada, the majority of voters are in favor of expansive abortion “rights”, so legislative success in banning abortion will not be soon in coming.

Congratulations on the overturn of Roe. Congratulations on the many U.S. states that have either banned or severely curtailed baby killing. Congratulations on the closed abortion mills and the doctors leaving the bloody trade to pursue “other opportunities”. All that is wonderful, but the fight ahead of us is at least as hard as the fight we just won. As we embark on that new campaign, here are some suggestions for those who care about souls, our culture, and the lives of the unborn.

Get Your Own Soul Right with God

Archpriest Geoffrey Korz, in a recent article on resisting political tyrants, wrote the following: “If you are not confessing your sins every couple weeks before God, and receiving Holy Communion properly prepared to do so, why on earth would you imagine you would be able to make a change in our country?”

If we want to change the world, we have  to start with ourselves first. As Fr Geoffrey recommends – pray daily, confess regularly, repent, forgive and receive forgiveness. We could add to these reading the scriptures, studying the lives of the saints, and spending time with fellow Orthodox Christians. These are all essential spiritual tools for our development that even faithful Orthodox Christians too often neglect.

In an article full of wise advice, one thing that Fr Geoffrey said stands out above all others:

Firstly, within each of our homes, we must begin to drive away the influence of the evil one.

Asking forgiveness, offering forgiveness, watching the words we use and the music and videos we play sets the spiritual tone for our home. We invite in the grace of God, or we chase it away. We invite in demonic influences, or we chase them away.

If we are to bring light to a dark and fallen world, we must first stop attracting darkness into our hearts, homes, and families. Above all, in the modern era, that means avoiding Porn and perverse TV programming.

Did you ever wonder why abortion is so important to the powers of this world? There are multiple reasons, of course. It is a form of human sacrifice that is pleasing to the demons. Abortion has been supported by eugenicists who wished to rid the world of “sub humans”. Abortion is a form of population control, making it an important tool for those who fear overpopulation. Feminists believe abortion is essential to female empowerment. If “burdened” by babies, women won’t necessarily go out and work for soulless corporations. They might stay home in “comfortable concentration camps” instead and raise healthy offspring. Not surprisingly, that is exactly why soulless corporations support abortion to the point they are willing to pay for them. Feminism is good for corporate bottom lines. Sadly for both the feminists and the corporations, the younger generation of women seems to be figuring out how badly they were played.

Gen Z might make it through.

— Michael (@sovrynmindset) August 10, 2022

All those reasons are important, but there is one that matters more than any other. Without abortion, the Sexual Revolution would have been impossible. Abortion was essential as a backup to contraception failure. Without baby killing, the Sexual Revolution would have ended almost as soon as it began. Sexual libertines would have been quickly forced to settle down to the business of raising the children their irresponsibility had brought into the world.

But along came Roe, and the party was just getting started!

The Sexual Revolution was a deliberate strategy employed by Cultural Marxists to destroy the family, Western Culture, and weaken the Christian Faith to foster conditions for a Communist Revolution. “If it feels good, do it! If you get pregnant, abort it! Live for today!” Porn was an integral part of mainstreaming the Sexual Revolution. Porn dehumanizes. Porn creates an image that “recreational sex” is normal, while monogamy is abnormal. Childless hedonism is normal, having children is an abnormality to be avoided. Porn stunts emotional development, and deranges relationship expectations. Porn wrecks children exposed to it. Porn exploits women and children in its production. Porn alters the brains of frequent users. Porn makes men weak, impotent, and full of shame. They cower when they should lead.

Porn, as Blessed Seraphim Rose said, is the Devil’s Iconography. 

Porn conditions the souls of people to find perversions pleasurable and acceptable. The pernicious influence of porn is necessary to prop up support for abortion. In turn, abortion makes “hook up” culture possible. The two go hand-in-hand. While you may not be “hooking up”, if you are consuming porn then you are still attracting demonic influence into your life, home, and family. You are losing your soul and driving away the Holy Spirit. Anything you try to do for the cause of life, or for the Kingdom of God in general, will be compromised and less effective.

Whether it is porn, racy TV, casual sex, or whatever else that has a hold on you – fix yourself first before trying to fix anything else.

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