The Russian Orthodox Church Supports the Idea of Including Abortion in Mortality Statistics

According to the authors of the idea, if abortions are included in the mortality statistics, then many young people will refuse them, since they will know that this is the death of a person.

Maria Studenikina, head of maternity protection at the Synodal Charity Department of the Russian Orthodox Church, director of the House for Mom of the Orthodox Church Mercy, supported the idea that abortion should be included in mortality statistics, reports RIA Novosti.

Maria Studenikina agreed that abortions should be officially recognized as the death of a person, and the inclusion of data on the number of abortions in mortality statistics will help the Russian Federation to get out of the demographic crisis.

This idea was expressed by Ekaterina Markova, head of the Save Life charity program for pregnant women.

According to Markova, if the proposal is implemented, “the younger generation will grow up in a country where induced abortion is officially recognized as the death of a person,” and as a result, “many will refuse from artificial termination of pregnancy, recognizing the procedure as killing a person”.

“For 100 years of legal abortion, the consciousness of our society has been deformed, we are used to living with this phenomenon, we are used to not noticing. I believe that the inclusion of the statistics of induced abortions in the statistics of mortality will allow society to look at the problem in a new way. Including the government of the Russian Federation, which will focus on the main cause of death and demographic crisis. Consequently, new measures will appear to prevent induced abortions”, Markova said.

In turn, Maria Studenikina noted that “given the demographic situation, the initiative is more than relevant. Abortion should be officially recognized as the death of a person, and work on their prevention should reach the highest level."

Source: (Russian)

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