Russia Reduces the Annual Number of Abortions by 250k in a 5-7 Year Period

They would have been able to go to school! But their lives were interrupted by abortion!

The number of medical abortions in Russia has decreased by about 250,000 over the last five to seven years. Now about 400,000 such operations are performed annually. This was reported Monday at the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) by Oleg Apolikhin, chief freelance specialist of the Ministry of Health of Russia.

"The number of abortions <...> our ministry has made significant progress in this. We have reduced the number of medical abortions by almost 250,000, or maybe even more, which we now have decreasing from year to year. Still, the number of medical abortions is somewhere in the range of 450 thousand, 420 thousand, 360 thousand - there are different statistics from Rosstat - it's a lot," he said at the session. "Promoting family health - a strategic factor of demographic growth: the best practices of the macro-region". He clarified that in the case of reducing the number of abortions, we are talking about the dynamics over the past five to seven years.

According to Apolikhin, women in Russia most often have abortions at the age of 25-39.

Source: (Russian)

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