Pro-Abortionists Attempt To Disrupt Orthodox Pro-Life Prayer Service (+VIDEO)

Originally appeared at: Orthodox Christianity

A handful of pro-abortion activists showed up to interrupt the Orthodox prayer service being held outside an abortion clinic in Brooklyn on Saturday.

As previously announced, the St. John the Forerunner Orthodox Pro-Life Society (formerly known as OCLife New York) held a moleben Saturday afternoon, led by His Eminence Archbishop Michael of New York and New Jersey (Orthodox Church in America). He was joined by Fr. William Bennet of St. Nicholas Church in New York (Carpatho-Russian Diocese of the U.S.A.) and several Orthodox faithful.

The pro-life organization has held several such molebens since it was re-established in January of this year.

During the service, two men and woman showed up dressed in diapers and wrapped in duct tape to stage a pro-abortion flash mob, the St. John the Forerunner Orthodox Pro-Life Society informed OrthoChristian.

The activists flung themselves to the ground between the participants in the prayer service, grabbing the worshipers by their legs and clothes. They loudly shouted with microphones and tried to wrap the Orthodox faithful up with duct tape.

“The point of their actions remains a mystery to everyone,” the Society states. “It was only clear that they were for abortion; that is, for the right to kill children before birth.”

In addition to the three main activists, there was also a man in an animal mask and police outfit and about 10 people with professional cameras who took photos and videos, although they refused to identify themselves or say who they represented.

The worshipers maintained a friendly disposition towards the activists, “which clearly angered them—they were obviously expecting a different response to their provocation.” They shouted during Abp. Michael’s sermon, and one woman struck one of the holy icons being held by the Orthodox faithful.

Watch a video of Abp. Michael’s homily during the moleben:

The next moleben will be held on Saturday, July 3. Those who wish to participate can call 917-428-3560.

The Society is also actively looking for medical students, doctors, and web designers willing to volunteer and help advance the cause. If interested, please call us 917-428-3560.

Alternatively, the Society can be reached through its various social media accounts:


You can donate to the Society through its GoFundMe campaign.

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