Addicted to Your Smartphone? Here's the Solution - Popular Russian Priest (Tkachev)

It could change your life

Fr. Andrey Tkachev is back with his daily 3-minute discussion on Tsargrad TV. This time, he’s taking on the global addiction to smartphones.(here's a link to our other translated videos of Father Andrey)

Imagine you’ve forgotten your iPhone at home. You start going crazy, you can’t function. All your important information is there, all your friends' contacts; all your plans for today have just come crashing down. You may be late, but chances are you trudge back for that priceless gadget.

So what if people treated their Bible the same way? What if they panicked if they left it home?  What if they referred to it for guidance every day? What if they thumbed through it instinctively on the train or in the doctor’s office?

It would be a different world, that’s what.

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