Unbelievable: 100 Year Old Color Video of Russian Emperor and Family

This rare video of Tsar Nicholas and his family provides a window into the history of the Russian Empire, shows them participating in a religious march, greeting the crowd, dancing and saluting...

St. Nicholas II and his royal family in a full color video — this is an exquisite look back through time. In this wonderful film, the people are singing a classic Russian anthem and prayer, "God Save the Tsar!"

This is both an anthem and a prayer, because Russians understand the emperor to be more than just a head of state. He is also a servant of God, anointed for special service. To be a good Tsar, an emperor must follow the Orthodox Christian faith, and be obedient to Christ in all things. Here is an English translation of the lyrics:

God Save the Tsar
Strong and Sovereign,
Reign gloriously – for our glory
Reign to make our enemies fear,
O, Orthodox Tsar!
God save the Tsar!

God save the Tsar!
Many years to the Glorious One
be granted on the Earth!
Humbler of the proud,
defender of the weak,
and a comforter to all —
send all this to us.

The first among the nations of the earth,
Orthodox Rus!
God save! God Save!
Preserve her harmonious empire,
In power, calm and peaceful,
And everything that is unworthy
cast away from Her!

O, Providence,
send down your blessings
upon us for good will. 
In happiness – humility,
In suffering – patience,
Grant this upon the Earth!

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