Russian Lawmakers Propose 1 Million Ruble Payment to Parents at Birth of 2nd Child

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A group of Russian State Duma deputies from multiple political parties developed a bill proposing to increase the maternity capital for a second child to a million rubles.

Changes are proposed to be made to the law “On additional measures of state support for families with children.” According to the bill, the amount of maternity capital will be 756 thousand rubles for the first child, one million rubles for the second child, and one million rubles for the third child.

Currently, the amount of maternity capital at the birth of the first child is 631 thousand rubles, and 833 thousand rubles at the birth of the second child.

As previously noted, the Russian State Duma is developing a proposal for an indefinite extension of the maternity capital program. The State Duma Committee on Family Protection, Issues of Paternity, Maternity and Childhood sent its proposals to the working group last week.

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